With all the rage about the Alkaline Movement, questions have been raised as to what makes consuming alkaline rich foods beneficial for the body. The fact is having an alkaline diet packs tons of health benefits. From a wider perspective, people on this diet are less susceptible to terminal illnesses, fatigue, and stress.

There are, of course, several specific reasons why pursuing the alkaline diet is good for everybody. Generally, eating more foods that are high in Calcium, Magnesium, Cesium, Iron, and Potassium reduces the risk of allergies, arthritis and heart problems.

Alkalinity helps in dodging acidosis. Generally, acidosis occurs when the pH in the body drops below 7.35. Through pursuing an alkaline diet, its effects like headaches, loss of consciousness, muscle seizures and weakness, diarrhea, shortness of breath, arrhythmia, increased heart rate, nausea and vomiting can be avoided.

Alkaline foods also aids in weight loss. Fat cells in the body stores excess acid from highly acidic foods in an attempt to protect the vital organs. Since alkaline foods neutralize acidity in the body, fat cells need to store less acid.

Pursuing an alkaline diet also helps in maintaining muscle mass. According to a three-year study involving 384 men and women aged 65 and above, alkaline rich foods helped in increasing muscle mass which is helpful especially for the elderly who are prone to falls.

Consuming alkaline-rich foods also help in sustaining bone density. Acidity causes the body to leech out calcium and alkaline from the bones so neutralize the body’s pH balance. This results to frail bodies in the long run.

An alkaline diet also helps in improving kidney conditions. Keeping the body alkaline reduces the risk of kidney stones since acid cells tend to stick to the kidney wall leading to swelling and forming of kidney stones.

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