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Jason Boreyko is a second generation network marketer, who at the tender age of 5, was packing Amway boxes for his father, a distributor for that company at the time. Jason started his own networking career at 18. After a few failures and some false starts, he reached the top five income earners of a $200 million dollar company by the age of 26.

He was the CEO & Co-Founder of one of the fastest growing networking companies in history. Under his leadership that company created one of the most legendary marketing systems in the industry and grew to a $100 million company in just thirteen months! Jason continued to lead that company to over $1 billion in combined sales in just seven years with more than 1.4 million distributors and offices in Japan, Canada, Australia and the United States. Still, his proudest professional accomplishment is that he was able to create 40 millionaires, and generate over $350 million in commissions for its members.

Experienced in both the corporate side of the business, as both Owner and CEO of his own networking company and also as a top Distributor for other companies, Jason surely knows the secret to becoming successful in network marketing.


Tara Brooke has spent years enjoying a successful modelling career and in this capacity has travelled the world. This in turn had led her to becoming the face and spokesperson for many top nutrition companies. Tara is a dedicated career woman who works as a full-time entrepreneur, is a devoted wife, and mother of twins and an empowering muse for countless others. She is a person who is committed to the uplifting of individual’s lives, providing encouragement, and advocating for better, happier and healthier living all-round!

As a swimsuit, lingerie and fashion model, Tara graced the covers of many internationally recognized magazines, yet she remains down-to-earth, approachable and personable, and as many would attest, a true friend! Although Tara has been a spokesperson for some of the major players in the nutrition, fitness and wellness industry, she firmly believes her life-calling is to inspire and motivate others.

While she continues in her modeling/spokesperson career, she has now added “published author” to her growing list of accomplishments with her very well received book entitled “Beautiful Ambition – My Secrets to Love, Happiness and Success”. The book is the result of Tara’s passion to share with others her secret of how they too can strive for and achieve the life they have always dreamed about.

An entrepreneur with a kind heart, Tara remains dedicated to helping people become the best version of themselves.  Successful at whatever she chooses to pursue, Tara leads by example and is continually raising her own professional and personal bar

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