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Hi, Jason Boreyko here. I wanted to share with you a conversation I was having with my daughter Skye, maybe it will help you. She’s into track and she just had a track meet coming up and before that track meet she was telling me “Dad, I’m so nervous, I’m on that track and I’m nervous before that gun goes off” and I go “why, why are you nervous?” and she goes well I don’t think I’m gonna win, I think I’m gonna lose.” I go “Skye, you know what the most powerful words in the world are?” And she looked at me and I go, “they’re the words that you say to yourself.” I go “let’s change your thoughts, let’s change your words and you’re gonna change your outcome, you’re gonna change your results and it will change how you feel on that track” and she was excited and I said “instead of saying you’re nervous say you’re excited, instead of saying I’m gonna lose say I’m the fastest girl on that track, say things like that.”

And she got excited and she started to do that and change that and I can tell you she won the track meet and she’s the fastest girl in second grade in her school. Understand you can do this and you can learn this. One of the most powerful books I read was a book called “What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself?” by Shad Helmstetter. I would recommend you get it and make it part of your self-development program. He gives an illustration that the mind is like a computer and that the keyboard are the words that you say with your mouth. As you speak “I’m not good at something; I’m nervous about this; this isn’t gonna turn out good or she doesn’t love me and this is not gonna last”, those are programs and your mind is being programmed. Change that and start saying “I’m excellent at what I do; I’m a great public speaker; I’m excited about what’s happening; I’m in a loving, long term relationship.” Those words change your emotion, change your feeling and change your result. Learn to control the words that you speak and you’ll learn to control the results that you get. It’s a powerful concept. It helped my daughter, it’s helped me become the success that I am and I believe that it can help you become the success that you want to be.

Have a great day. We’ll talk to you soon. Take care. God bless.

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