First Doctor to Join SevenPoint2 Philippines, Dr. Denise Ruiz M.D., Endorses 7.2 Alkaline Wellness Products and Opens SevenPoint2 Stockist Center

Dr. Denise Ruiz M.D. was introduced to SevenPoint2 by her cousin and was encouraged to conduct her own research on the health benefits that the 7.2 wellness products offer. A curious scholar by nature, she accepted the challenge, and during her lengthy and intense research, Dr. Ruiz learned and experienced much more than she imagined.

As one of only seventy Filipino doctors in her medical profession specialty of Pediatric Cardiology, and prior to learning about SevenPoint2, Dr. Ruiz was a self-proclaimed skeptic with any products and supplements other than traditional medicine. After her own in-depth research and personal successes with the 7.2 products, we are proud to announce that she is the first doctor to join the Philippines SevenPoint2 team! Dr. Ruiz and her team celebrated the grand opening of the Gensan City SevenPoint2 Stockist Center in Philippines on October 8, 2016, which she owns and manages.

Dr. Ruiz’s powerful SevenPoint2 experience is an inspiring testimony to how it has changed her and her family’s lives. She now shares her journey with her patients and their families.

“I was (emphasis on was) one of those doctors who believed more in traditional medicine (synthetics) than homeopathic or “natural” alternatives. I was taught in medical school about evidence-based medicine so when I was first introduced to SevenPoint2 I was skeptical. Rather than try to sell me on the products, my cousin Yeng, who introduced me to SevenPoint2, suggested I do my own research on molecular hydrogen. As if I was working on my own paper, I researched and sought out all the articles and reviews on molecular hydrogen I could find. My next task was to test the 7.2 products.

My Father, who was already a proponent of supplements agreed to be my first test case. He had been experiencing discomfort in his legs and was not sleeping through the night. After three days of being on the 7.2 products, he began noticing a huge difference, and was very excited about the results and how good he was feeling. My Mother became my second test case. She had been suffering with recurrent shoulder discomfort and had been taking traditional medication for her ailment. My Father encouraged her to give Recovery with HydroFX a try. A skeptic like me, she reluctantly agreed. She was so delighted with the way she felt after just a few days, she purchased an Alkaline Trio Pack!

After watching both my parents have such amazing success, I decided it was my turn to give the 7.2 products a try. I had been having a difficult time recovering from an injury, and the medication I had been taking wasn’t working plus plus it was upsetting my stomach, so I decided to try the Alkaline Trio Pack. I noticed results very quickly without any side effects.

My son is now also taking the products and I’ve noticed an increase in both his energy level and his overall health and well-being.

As a Pediatric Cardiologist, I am involved in the care of children suffering with heart problems. Thanks to these wonderful 7.2 products, I am now able to share my experience with my patients and their their families, and hopefully help them to feel better and live healthier, fuller lives.” – Dr. Denise Ruiz, M.D.

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