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Hi, Jason Boreyko here. I wanted to share some thoughts with you. One of the greatest battles you’ll ever fight, that will ever happen is between your ears. When you’re pursuing your dreams and goals, many times you will have challenges that will arise and events that will come into play, and your thoughts can immediately turn from positive to negative. You might start to think “maybe I can’t do this” or “this isn’t going to work” or “I’m not that good.” Those negative thoughts start to control your mind. You must learn to control your thoughts and your emotions or in turn, they’ll control you. Self-development is probably the most important thing that you can do to help you to learn to control your thoughts and have that discipline. The more that you’re listening to positive stories, the more that you’re reading positive books and self-development books, the more you are programming and reconditioning your mind; it helps give you that control. It’s very important.

One of the books that I’ve read was Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman in the World”. One of my favorite and most profound lines from the book is: “Weak is he who allows his thoughts to control his actions. Strong is he who forces his action to control his thoughts.” That’s the key. You must learn to control your thoughts and your emotions or in turn, they’ll control you. And, I would encourage you to start small. Start with a verse or a power statement that you can memorize so when those negative thoughts start to appear and come into your mind, when the attack or the battle starts to happen, you can switch to that positive statement. I have this little stone on my desk and there’s a verse on it that says “All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.” I have that on my desk so when those challenges hit and those negative thoughts attack me, I can immediately fight that battle and go into a positive affirmation and a positive verse to change my thoughts.

Everything is in place. SevenPoint2 has created a system, an infrastructure, a training program, and an amazing line of products to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Everything is there. We believe in you.

I hope these words of encouragement have helped you to say “I do have to learn to control my thoughts.” Make a decision today to start changing your thoughts. You can change your life as fast as you can change your mind. Start thinking in a positive direction. Take care and God bless.

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