Sticking to 2019 Goals: How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions?

Goal-setters! Are you worried that as the year progresses, you will let go of your New Year’s resolutions and fall into the same pattern that you want to break free from?

We all find it difficult to keep up with New Year’s resolutions, which is why it is important to set SMART goals, which basically means they should be: Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound.


Now, let’s take a look at some tricks that will help you stick to your goals in 2019:


Taking CARE

CARE is a very important acronym that will help you measure your success and achieve your goals with a logical approach. Basically, CARE stands for Consistency, Accountability, Realistic and Expectations. Consistency is the most vital ingredient for success, and being consistent at any given goal, be it at work or related to your body fitness, will help you see the progress and positive results.

Accountability is important to measure our results and be accountable to yourself every time you lose sight of your goals. Lastly, realistic expectations are important to reap pragmatic success, and if your goals are unrealistic you will have to face challenges and set-backs. So, set realistic milestones and don’t expect success to come overnight.


Celebrate each Milestone

Divide your goals into realistic milestones and celebrate each little success by treating yourself and sharing your goals and progress on social media. In a way, it will also make you more accountable for your progress. By celebrating your tiny victories and milestones, you can reap support and good wishes from your friends and family. Celebrations are important to keep yourself motivated and make sure you look forward to celebrating another milestone with a dedicated determination.


Don’t aim for Perfection

Aiming for utter perfection is a major reason why many of us fail to keep up our resolutions and goals. You see, perfection is not achievable and it can make your goals realistically achievable. When drafting your goals, it is important to understand your personality and habits, and make a flexible plan that helps you take a break when you need it.

It’s okay to skip yoga class one day, or splurge on a hefty serving of cake once in a while. Even if you slip every once in a while, you can still be successful at achieving your goal. Breaking your streak should not demotivate you to give up, but in fact, it should motivate you to attack your goals with a newfound determination!


Be Flexible & Adaptable

Often, we make goals that are difficult to implement and despite being really attached to our resolutions, we fail to effectively incorporate them in our lifestyle or schedules. Therefore, instead of giving up on your goal altogether, it is important to be flexible enough to adapt to every situation.

You can always scale back, and make a realistic assessment so you can achieve your goal and fulfill all your other obligations and engagements. Allow yourself to be adaptable and make flexible goals that can be adjusted and changed so you can channel the progress you want to.


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