A successful business is built on many things one of which is meaningful connections. The relationships an entrepreneur forms with people like his customers and other business owners can pave the way not only for profit but also for growth in the long run.

That being said, it is important that a business owner understands how to form meaningful connections early on in the relationship. There are three primary things to remember when you want to build up your connection with somebody new:

  1. Ask exciting questions. Let’s say you are in a networking event and you managed to introduce yourself to a potential customer. The first thing you ask him or her should be something spectacular to distinguish yourself from the others. Do away with generic “how are you’s” and instead try something along the lines of “Have you been intrigued by something new lately?”
  2. Focus on them. As much as possible, be genuinely interested with whatever the other person is saying. Listen well to him or her intently to make them feel that they are interesting for you.
  3. Offer something valuable. Simply put, offer to help the person you are speaking with. You probably have the tools he or she needs any way. If not, you can always try to find somebody in your connections that can help him or her.
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