The road leading to success is riddled with hurdles and sometimes trying to surpass these does not necessarily lead to a favorable outcome. However, it is always useful to remember that success is nothing without failure. Shortcomings shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing; they shouldn’t deter a person from pursuing his goals. Instead, a person should use these failures as a stepping stone towards achieving greater heights.

The truth of the matter is that “Next time, I’m going to do better” are some very powerful words. Each time you fail, all you need to do is to reassure yourself that you still have another chance to set things right.

You do not just give up. You do not just succumb to mediocrity. Instead, you strive to do better. You try to work towards improvement and progress.

In order to be able to do better next time, a businessman has to ask himself the following questions:

  1. What did I do right?
  2. What did I do wrong?
  3. What will I do better next time?

In doing so, you are able to analyze your situation and eventually come up with a strategy that will help you in getting closer to your goals.

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