Self confidence is perhaps one of the greatest assets of a businessman. It is an indispensable trait that allows a person to achieve more. As a state of mind, it lets us to act on our dreams with conviction and without hesitation. It allows us to feel secure in spite of the challenges that we face.

The fundamental function of confidence in any MLM business is its impact on personal communications. Prospects can only be persuaded to join you if you carry yourself with confidence while conversing with them.

Napoleon Hill said in his book that “You can do it if you believe you can.” This means that believing in yourself adds to your self confidence and ultimately, to your ability to achieve greater heights. According to him, fear is the chief reason for poverty and failure. As such, the person who masters fear will succeed. The development of self-confidence begins with the elimination of fear.

I remember a vision call I did a few months back where the topic is about self confidence. My group and I learned that as long as you do something to eliminate your fears, you can be confident and you can reach your goals.

I am hoping that you find a way to be self confident as you tread the path towards success.

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