I previously wrote about getting past limiting beliefs regarding your MLM business. With those out of the way, you may want to start building new belief structures to replace your old ones. So how do you develop a new belief structure? I think it all begins with a dream of yours followed by three phases including thinking it, acting on it, and becoming it.

When I was just starting out, I had this dream of becoming a millionaire. I also knew that I had so many limiting beliefs that I needed to overcome and I also have characteristics and qualities that I could develop in order to achieve this.

I started thinking about the qualities of a millionaire—how they act in different situations, are they always on time, are they good readers, and are they keen on researching about their field. I created a vision of the person who I want to be.

Then I started acting on my vision. My father asked me once, ‘Jason, do you want to be a leader?” Naturally I said yes and then he told me that it’s time to start acting like one. I began doing talks in front of hundreds of people and the rest, as they say, is history.

The last phase is becoming the person you visualized yourself to be. Because you have taken action, you have become your vision.

The message here is simple, if you want to be successful I your MLM business, you have to have a dream and act on it so that you may become your vision of success.

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