You only have 300 seconds to pitch your product or services to your prospective clients once you capture their attention. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cold call, a networking hour at a Chamber of Commerce-sanctioned event, or a random chat with a prospect at the park. You only get five minutes so you have to make it count.

The first thing you have to remember is to do your research. Know everything you can about your audience especially for events you get to prepare for. For impromptu pitches, ask questions to your prospect that can help you know more about them. Doing so can help in making your pitch relevant to your audience. It can also be more favorable to frame your product or service as a solution to your prospect’s problems.

Another thing is to connect at human level with your audience. Make your audience laugh and add fun facts about yourself. Remember that you are not just selling your product or service but you are also trying to make your audience remember you. It can also be helpful to share an anecdote that the audience can relate with. Let them know that you share their dilemmas as well and interject how your product or service has helped you.

You should also establish yourself as a thought leader and not just a seller. Cite interesting facts about your industry and quote relevant people.

Also, remember to avoid giving it all away in your pitch. Tease your audience with interesting snippets about what you can offer but leave something out to make them wonder and think about buying or at least contacting you again to learn more about you and your product.

Finally, make a bold statement and end your pitch with a bang. Make your audience remember you through closing strongly with an excellent line. Be creative and avoid generic and bland statements. If it’s tweet-worthy, then you’re all good.

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