Affirmations play a significant role in driving people towards better health and wellness. These positive words encourage people to do the right things that will benefit their bodies like choosing healthier food, reducing alcohol intake, and steering clear of smoking.

As you inculcate words like “Today, I will choose to be healthy.” in your mind, you are more likely to act on the vision that these words create. Positive affirmations, when planted in our consciousness have a way of influencing our decisions that leads to our achieving the goals we set up for ourselves.

Repeated words have an uncanny ability to seep deep into people’s thoughts. Affirmations can change our lives in as much as it changes the way we perceive things. This changed perspective enlightens us to choose better things for us like picking the alkaline lifestyle over one that creates acid in the body.

Whenever we feel sidetracked and we feel backsliding into our old lifestyle where we are constantly bombarded with unhealthy choices, it is useful to repeat positive affirmations to stay motivated so that we will carry on choosing what is right for our bodies.

The beauty of affirmations is that it can also be contagious. We can repeat these words to ourselves and we can also share these messages to other people so that they too can choose the path towards alkalinity.

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