In growing a business, it only seems logical to play up on our strengths in order to succeed. However, what most people don’t realize is that sometimes, focusing on your weakness can be a good thing.

Here’s an example: I’ve had a hip issue for some time and while Recovery is doing well in taking away the pain, I am still aware that it is a weakness of mine. One time, I was playing football, I jammed my hip and that was all it took to hurt me. It took a few trips to the doctor and a good masseuse until the pain died down so much so that I can go to the gym. Right then and there, I decided to focus on my weakness which happens to be my legs. I changed my routine and added exercises that would help strengthen my legs. From a physical standpoint, I did that so I can be a dad who can keep up with his son and daughter; and not one who just limps around.

The same rings true for business. You have to see what you want to achieve; you have to have a vision as well as goals related to this vision; you also have to realize what is holding you back. Determine your weakness and work on it. Do what it takes to improve on these areas through practice. Remember that repetition is the mother of skill.

When I was just starting out, one of my greatest fears was speaking in public. It was very challenging for me to talk to a crowd let alone call lead prospects. I came up with a million excuses to not make those calls but I had a dream of living in a big house on a hill, having lots of cars, and providing a great life for my family. This prompted me to overcome my fears and to take massive actions that led me to where I am today.

So remember, focus on your weakness and work your way towards improving on these areas.

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