I learned early on that network marketing is all about finding the right people whom you can work with well. These people should share the same values and the same goals as you. This is the central idea on the Napoleon Hill’s mastermind—you have to find people with the same vision and build your business around that unified stance on success.

But to be able to build your team of dedicated MLM players, you must first know how and where to look for these people. I remember what my father taught me some time ago: fishing for minnows is not enough; you have to fish for whales. You have to set your mind on looking for people with great potential—big fishes if you will. If you say you are going to add five contacts today, work your way towards that goal. More importantly you have to know where your whales are. You have to put yourself out there and search for them and believe me, it all pays well in the end.

Once you’ve found your whale(s), you want to keep them challenged. Give them mini goals that will bring out the best in them while getting them out of their comfort zone.

Finally, you should also never forget to appreciate their efforts. The members of your mastermind are working as hard as you especially if you know that they are the big whales that you have been looking for. It isn’t a bad thing to recognize their efforts to keep them motivated.

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