Cold calling is an essential part of lead generation but it can be nerve-wracking for the uninitiated. After all, it isn’t always easy trying to introduce a product or service to people who aren’t expecting this kind of interaction.

At the heart of this marketing strategy is knowing how to make a meaningful and sensible proposition that will make your potential customers feel the need to know more about what you are selling and what it can do to change their lives.

The process of cold calling begins with researching a list of prospects. Be sure to include people who have a similar profile (in terms of industry, region, job classification, etc.). and those who have previously bought your product. This makes selling a lot easier.

Next, develop a script that will introduce who you are, what you do, and what you provide. Remember that the purpose of a script is to win the right to sell to a potential client and not to make a sales pitch right there and then.

Be prepared for objections. Not all people will be receptive to your cold call. Most customers have doubts at first. It is up to you to ease their hesitation through assuring them that your product will solve their problems.

Finally, always stay positive. More often than not, out of a hundred prospects, there will only be two to three promising calls but that should not deter you from trying even harder to generate leads.

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