Napoleon Hill’s lesson on accurate thinking and its importance in achieving a successful business endeavor has made a great impact on me. I learned that it is one of the important foundation stones of all enduring success. It teaches you how to separate facts from information, how to tell which ones are important and unimportant, and how to build definite working plans, in the pursuit of any calling, out of facts.

Below are some things to remember about accurate thinking:

  • Never accept the opinions of other people as being facts until you have learned the source of those opinions and satisfied yourself of their accuracy.
  • Free advice is worth exactly what it costs.
  • Alert yourself immediately if someone talks slanderously as this should indicate that this is based on bias.
  • Never disclose what you want the information to be.
  • Anything that exists in the universe can be proved. Where no such proof is available, it’s safer to assume nothing exists.
  • Truth and falsehood carry with them a silent and invisible means of identifying that they are true or false.
  • Follow the habit of asking “How do you know?”Study yourself carefully as you may discover that your emotions are your greatest handicap in the business of accurate thinking. It is easy for you to believe that which you wish to believe… and most people do.
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