14119301_s1. Compartmentalization is Key
Successful entrepreneurs are able to separate the different parts of their lives and focus on the most pressing tasks, while managing the others adequately. Emotion takes a back seat to logical analysis.

2. Take a Unique Perspective on Mistakes
They look at mistakes as beacons of light, to be understood and recorded – instead of shying away from them, successful entrepreneurs embrace the lessons mistakes can teach.

3. Think Differently about Habits
Instead of trying to break habits, they form them – the good ones, at least. Waking up like clockwork, for example.

4. Keep an Open Mind
The people who really make it never close the door on an idea – they are constantly looking for solutions and assume nothing.

5. Keep it Real
Successful entrepreneurs are better able to put aside their egos and work with other people in complex networks. You are the quarterback of the team and every player depends on your leadership, advice, and steady hand. Don’t let your ego drive your team astray.

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