Globallee Compensation Plan

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Jason Boreyko presents globallee compensation plan
Jason Boreyko

An Invitation to work with Jason Boreyko personally


Jason Boreyko is a second-generation network marketer, who at the tender age of 5, was packing Amway boxes for his father, a distributor for that company at the time. Jason started his own networking career at 18. After a few failures and some false starts, he reached the top five income earners of a $200 million-dollar company by the age of 26.

    He was the CEO & Co-Founder of one of the fastest-growing networking companies in history. Under his leadership, that company created one of the most legendary marketing systems in the industry and grew to a $100 million company in just thirteen months! Jason continued to lead that company to over $1 billion in combined sales in just seven years with more than 1.4 million distributors and offices in Japan, Canada, Australia, and the United States. Still, his proudest professional accomplishment is that he was able to create 40 millionaires and generate over $350 million in commissions for its members.

    Experienced in both the corporate side of the business, as both Owner and CEO of his own networking company and also as a top Distributor for other companies, Jason surely knows the secret to becoming successful in network marketing.

Globallee Comp Plan

Globallee Pay Plan

8 Ways to Earn!

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Retail Customers

First, Retail Customers. You can earn a 20% profit, which is the difference between your Independent Brand Ambassador wholesale price, and the one-time order retail price.

Preferred Customers

Second, Preferred Customers. You can earn Preferred Customer commissions. A Preferred Customer, is a Retail Customer, who places an automatic monthly order. 

Fast Start commissions

Third, Fast Start commissions. Fast start commissions, are paid on initial product orders, from new Independent Brand Ambassadors, you can earn from 5 to 20% Fast Start commissions on initial IBA orders, based on your rank..

Dual Team commissions

Fourth, Dual Team commissions. When an IBA becomes a qualified ambassador, a business tracking center is activated in the Dual Team commissions plan. As Independent Brand Ambassadors enroll new Independent Brand Ambassadors, those purchases generate Commissionable Volume, or CV, throughout the entire Dual Team organization.

Accelerator Bonus

Fifth, the Accelerator Bonus. Each time you cycle 10 times in Dual Team commissions, you earn an additional $500 Accelerator Bonus.

Matching Dual Team Commissions

Sixth, Matching Dual Team Commissions. As you advance in rank, you have the ability to earn a matching bonus on Dual Team commissions, earned by anyone you personally enroll into Globallee, paid down three levels of your personal organization.

Residual Commissions

Seven, Residual Commissions. As you enroll new Independent Brand Ambassadors into your personal organization, you can earn a Residual Commission based on the CV from each order placed.

Infinity Bonuses

Eighth, Infinity Bonuses. As an Independent Brand Ambassador advances to different ranks, Infinity Bonuses, ranging from 2 to 5%, can be earned through all levels of your organization, down to the next IBA of that same rank.


The Globallee Compensation Plan is presented below with a brief description of each form of compensation. A glossary has been included at the end to provide definitions of the various terms used in this Compensation Plan.


There are 8 different ways you can earn money with Globallee.

  1. Retail Customers
  2. Preferred Customer Commissions
  3. Fast Start Commissions
  4. Dual Team Commissions
  5. Dual Team Accelerator Bonus
  6. Dual Team Matching Bonus
  7. Residual Commissions
  8. Infinity Bonus Residuals


You can earn 20% profit based on the Suggested Retail of the products you purchase at wholesale from Globallee and re-sell at the Suggested Retail Price (SRP). If you have retail customers who purchase products from your replicated website, you will also receive a 20% commission on those sales. 

*Note – the 20% retail commission is not paid on Preferred Customer sales.


On all Preferred Customer orders, 50% of CV is paid through the Residual Commissions plan (Unilevel) and 50% of CV is paid as follows. These payouts are paid with “Dynamic Compression”, meaning if you are qualified to earn 40% commissions and someone else you enroll is qualified to earn 20% commissions, you will earn the difference.

preferred customer commissions globallee compensation plan


Fast Start Commissions are paid on initial product orders from newly enrolled Independent Brand Ambassadors. This includes a purchase of a “Builder Pack” or any combination of commissionable products purchased at the time of enrollment. 

You can earn from 5% to 20% commissions on initial orders based on your rank.



When you become a Qualified Ambassador, you activate a business tracking center in the Dual Team Commissions plan. As you build your network of Brand Ambassadors, they are placed into your Dual Team Tree on either your right team or left team. You also have the option to place your newly enrolled Ambassadors in your organization according to the placement guidelines (see glossary/guidelines). 

As Ambassadors in your Dual Team Tree introduce people to the Globallee products and opportunity their product purchases generate Commissionable Volume (CV). On initial orders, approximately 50% of the wholesale price of the products purchased generates Commissionable Volume (CV) that is paid through Dual Team Commissions. 


Bob purchases a Builder Pack for $499. That builder pack generates 250 CV. 

Every time you have 1,000 CV on your right team and 1,000 CV on your left team, this generates a “cycle”. Each cycle pays up to $100*.

 dual team commissions globallee comp plan


Every time you cycle 10 times, you will earn an additional “Accelerator Bonus”.

dual team accelerator bonus globally compensation plan


As you advance in rank, you have the ability to earn a matching bonus on Dual Team Commissions earned by anyone you personally enrolled into Globallee, as well as anyone they personally enroll, up to 3 levels deep. 

Based on your rank, you can earn up to the following amounts:

Level 1 = 25%

Level 2 = 15%

Level 3 = 10%


As you enroll new Ambassadors into your organization, you can earn a commission on all their future orders and the future orders of anyone they refer up to 6 generations deep. Anyone you personally refer would be on your first level, anyone they refer would be on your second level, and so on. You can earn a commission of 5% to 10% on your first 6 generations of Ambassadors based on your rank. See diagram below.

RESIDUAL INCOME globallee compensation plan



As you advance in rank you can qualify to earn an additional 2% – 5% to infinite levels and generations deep in your organization. You can qualify to earn the infinity bonus associated with your rank until someone in your organization achieves the same level and blocks you. Helping people in your organization achieve the same rank as you also helps you advance in rank and earn higher infinity bonuses.

Infinity bonus globallee compensation plan

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